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Vip Lounge Sheremetyevo

Vip Lounge Sheremetevo

Dear clients!

We inform you that Terminal E is temporarily closed.
Terminal F is open but VIP services are temporarily unavailable.
The service of booking a paid shuttle is not available when ordering two VIP lounges in different terminals of Sheremetyevo Airport. Free shuttle order is available.
Express test for Сovid-19 can be done in the VIP Lounge of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. The service should be ordered and paid in advance on the website https://labarhimed.ru.
Sheremetyevo D, B
30 900 rub. 29 900 rub. 29 500 rub.
Sheremetyevo D, F, E, C
30 900 rub. 29 900 rub. 29 500 rub.

Infants 0-2 — free, children 2-12 — 50% of adult fee.

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Pobeda Airlines reserves the right to invite the passenger to the common hall for check-in and baggage processing upon departure.

Urgency conditions

The request submitted on the day of service or the day before service after 8 p.m. is considered as urgent. There is special urgent rates – 34 700 rubles per perso.

The cancellation of the request

  • Less than 3 hours before flight arrival or departure – 100% cancellation fee.
  • After takeoff or landing – 100% cancellation fee.
  • No show – 100% cancellation fee.

- the cost per person

- the cost per person when ordering service for 2 passengers

- the cost per person when ordering service for 3 passengers

Vip Lounge Terminal D

Vip Lounge Terminal E

Vip Lounge Terminal C

Vip Lounge Terminal F

Vip Lounge Terminal В

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