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Корпоративный клиент? Хотите получить спец. условия бронирования? Приглашаем к сотрудничеству! Информация на b2b.vip-zal.ru.

VIP-lounge provides the following services

  1. Queueless check-in for the flight out at a special check-in counters in VIP lounge.
  2. Passing through Customs and Passport controls in VIP lounge.
  3. Personal attendance from the VIP-lounge to the aircraft, boarding the aircraft with luggage assistance.
  4. Personal meeting of the clients upon their arrival followed by their attendance to the airport VIP lounge.
  5. Luggage and transporting assistance (loading/unloading, transportation and handing to the client).
  6. Comfortable lounges.
  7. Providing the clients with the proper arrival/departure schedule information.
  8. Free access to newspapers and magazines in Russian and foreign languages.
  9. Free access to Wi-fi, TV service.
  10. Snacks, food, drink and beverages for additional payment.
  11. First aid and other medical assistance.
  12. In case the flight is delayed the client can stay at the VIP lounge until the boarding announcement. VIP-lounge provides 24 hour service.
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